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Welcome to PinoyHoops Website!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use designs on this website?
You can use designs on this website for personal use only. You can also use designs on this site for small community (baranggay) leagues as a contribution of Pinoyhoops Website in helping basketball communities. You cannot use designs on this site for commercial purposes. All designs are protected by copyright.

How can I legally use designs on this website?
You have to contact for acquiring legal rights to use any designs on this site and have to pay fee for commercial or any purposes you desire. .

Is Pinoyhoops Website accepting customized designs for me or for my basketball team?
Yes. Pinoyhoops Website is accepting customized designs for you or your team. You just have to say your design motif or your team’s motif (ex. lion. shark, pirate, rocket and etc.)Labor fee is 495 Philippine pesos per design (Included are jersey rough draft images and final vector images (Inkscape file) emailed to you. If your desired motif is already on this website (ex. Pinoyhoops latest designs Vcager, Fireball etc.)You have to pay 295 Philippine pesos to acquire the rough drafts images and final vector files (Inkscape file) emailed to you. Copyright for your customized jersey or tees designs are owned by Pinoyhoops Website and can be published on this website without your permission.

How will I pay for designs that I liked or like to purchase?
In the Philippines I accept through SMART PADALA # 5577-5193-3461-2109 or through Western Union under my name Allan Federico Banigan/Cellphone No#09289768736. .

How can I use the Inkscape vector file that I received from my email after I purchased?
Inkscape is a free vector graphic designing software that can be downloaded on the internet.You can download the installer on the internet or I it will be sent together with your purchased designs.Inkscape graphic vector designs can be easily copied and pasted on any graphic designing software like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator or any kind of designing software. .

How quick do you respond to emails?
I try to answer every email as soon as possible and I will try not have you wait more than 24 hours for a response.Your email usually will be answered Monday to Saturday at 5pm. I take pride in customer service.

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