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The World vs. Gilas Pilipinas
October 10th, 2014 by Pinoyhoops

      FIBA Basketball World Cup was held in Spain last August. Team Gilas Pilipinas was given an enormous task to challenge the basketball world. Every one of five preliminary games are excruciating. The last but no bearing game with the country Senegal is where Team Pilipinas reaps its every game struggle and rewarded a win. Each game is so tiring and heart breaking. But their last game win even though it didn't give them a chance to go into the next round brings them pride.
Junmar Fajardo protecting the ball     
            Each one of the five scheduled games gives Team Pilipinas different pressures and headaches. The game with Croatia is almost a winnable one, but lost by single digit points. With Argentina they lead in almost the whole 1st half, until 3rd quarter, but also lost due to Argentina's valiant offensive plays. With Greece it was a rough and physical game and gives double headache by losing double digit points to the Greeks. Puerto Rico assassinated Philippines with their 2nd half tree point shots and lead also by almost 4 or 5 points to win.

      The last but no bearing game with Senegal is the . true test for Team Pilipinas's poise and pride. It was a game a typical team would give no importance. If Team Pilipinas is just a one lousy loser team, they would not played or discarded this game, By numbers it will not give them any significant, but they played it with full heart and love. In the first quarter it was a fully swelled battle. Team Pilipinas leads the first until third quarter, but in the 4th quarter, Senegal takes the lead with their backcourt trapping defense, and about in the last two minute of the game, Andrey Blatche fouled out because of committed fouls, but all Filipino crew fought with courage to send it into overtime. In the overtime game every one of Team Pilipinas showed their spirit to finish a sweet and memorable victory in FIBA Basketball World cup.

      Gilas Pilipinas tested the basketball world last August. Each five games are filled with pains and hurts. The last game with Senegal awarded them the fruits of their hard work. Although they lost four of their five games, they deserved to be credited with full applause; they did their truly best and must be hailed in the Philippines their motherland.

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