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The Resurrection and San Antonio Spurs November 4th, 2014 by Pinoyhoops

     San Antonio Spurs and Jesus Christ have something in common. They both suffered a huge loss or defeat, but after a drastic failure they also reap unimaginable victory. Although they both experienced nightmare, they also become triumphant after unprecedented failure.
Tim Duncan calming rookie Danny Green   
           Both of them incurred humiliation and doubt on themselves. They don't know how to hang on each passing difficult days. They questioned the very day the core of what they believed they started. Spurs and Christ asked the same questions" What I am doing here in this empty place?", Is this the proper place for my hard work, commitment and labor? They grasped for quick answer to handle shame, taunt and emptiness.

     Because of their enormous failings they won and become entitled to a lot of enormous good things. Spurs dictated almost all games in 2013-2014 NBA Finals against Miami Heat while Christ name is revered and adored above all names. Spurs players all became a threat in scoring while Christ disciples evangelized scores of women and men. Their unusual losses bring them unfathomable gains. Once their name was mocked but now it was highly regarded as a story of victory, achievement and perseverance.

     Spurs and Jesus Christ story of Resurrection has similarity. They both undergo death, loss and failing. They both harvest achievements after dying. Like Tim Duncan's NBA 2012-2013 Finals "missing an important shot" do not mean We, You and I missed the purpose of our being. Sometimes just carrying on and believing life is still good will patch the missed shot we think we made and direct us to victory, approval and recognition.

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