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Kangaroo carrying ball

Queer Street Basketball in the Philippines
December 8th, 2014 by Pinoyhoops

     Playing street basketball in the Philippines is odd. One basketball court in the street of Manila is played on ascending basketball floor. In Northern part provinces street basketball game, you have to "ask for a foul in mid-air", (when playing without a referee) to be granted a free throw in the final quarter of the ball game or ball possession in the early part of the game. In the heart of Manila is a basketball court where the floor is on awkward road and in Northern provinces of the Philippines you have to claim you were fouled before landing on the ground.
    A kangaroo thinking of playing in a downward hoops court   
           A fit for snowboarder basketball court was erected in West-North part of Manila. I'm amazed when I pass by in this place during my college days. I summarized that this basketball court was placed there because of people's love for basketball or maybe lack of available place. I haven't visited this place for a long time, but I hope that it is still there.

     In Northern region of the Philippines particularly in Baguio(Summer capital of the Philippines), you have to shout or ask for a word "foul" immediately before touching your feet on the ground after your attempt to shoot the ball. My friends and I had an argument with the local folk opponent there when we were obligated to follow their basketball rule. We still finished the whole ballgame well and had fun even though we were surprised with their strange rule.

      Bizarreness in playing basketball in the Philippines is present. You will experience having a game in an unconventional basketball court. In faraway North provinces you have to deal with the rule "ask for a committed foul while in motion". Young people's favorite past time in the Philippines is basketball. You can find basketball court everywhere even in the busiest streets of every city. My friendly advice is be sure to practice reciting the word "foul" while jumping and landing to enjoy fully the street ball games in North provinces

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