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Good Temper the Best Tool in Basketball
June 12th, 2015 by Pinoyhoops

      Ill-tempered players or coaches are not suitable to play basketball. Physical contact is unavoidable so you need a lot of patience while playing. Faulty judgments from the referees needs total tolerance to avoid too much technical foul during peak or final quarters of the game. Good temper is prerequisite in basketball. Bumping into opponent when making screens and pushing with your back when boxing-out needed you to meddle physically to other players. Referees are not faultless humans, they can commit a wrong or unfavorable call that will challenge your calmness and poise.
Rage of tempers between Los Angeles Clippers and Golden State Warriors Andrei Bogut      
      Body banging happens during the games so you have to stay cool even in a tense situation. Opponent players will shove you using their body to have a better position in rebounding. Defending opponents could also put you lying on the floor accidentally while blocking your attempted shot. Clashing physically is the true nature of basketball, that's why bad tempered players will always be in trouble. Players on offense and defense will use their body while jockeying for rebounds. Players on defense will sometimes accidentally hit your head while attempting a clean shot block.

      Even professional referees could make a call not favorable to you that can ignite you to lose your temper. A technical foul because of shouting or raising your voice on the referees in the final minutes in a deadlock scored game can "make or break" your team's chance of winning. Too much technical foul because of bad words, insults and improper complains in referees from team players and coaches could also dictate your team's chances of winning. Basketball referees are not" on the right target"of calls every ball game. A technical foul from you or your coach because of bad-temper could cost your team a loss.

      Players and coaches that easily lose their temper are not fit in playing basketball. Body contact in playing is inevitable. Basketball referees even with their utmost care sometimes could commit a bad or wrong call that can frustrate you. Basketball players and coaches who easily "loses their cool" could try other sports to be played or coached like the sports volleyball or baseball, those sports are not played with physical contact .Michael Jordan and Phil Jackson has almost the most NBA Championship because of minimizing irritableness and tantrums.

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