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Funny Moments in Playing Basketball
January 3rd, 2018 by Pinoyhoops

      Funny moment happens in basketball games. A friend of mine in one baranggay(small community) league shoots the ball in their opponent's court or rim. I recollected during a company league in Taiwan where I worked as an OFW, I used my front body not back bumping an opponent to commit a backing violation. A close baller friend of mine foolishly made a shot in their opponent's designated court and I pushed a co-worker opponent with my frontal private part forcing him to render a ball turnover
Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck playing basketball     
            A longtime basketball friend took a mistaken counted shot on their opponent's court. While his teammate was in bounding the ball and passed it to him, he suddenly shoots the ball under their opponent's rim and adding to that humiliation was his other teammate (that was behind him)blocked his shot (in tagalong term"bastusin pa") mistaken him as an opponent. That act sent the big audience watching burst and grin in laughter. I imagined flying dentures (pustiso) in the air that day. My friend stupidly lays-up the basketball on their opponent's turf and his teammate not aware it was him tried to swat the ball through him that accelerates the loud laughter of the viewers.

      I, myself in a company basketball league during my working days in Taiwan as a last resort of pressure defense used my frontal private part to crash a dribbling opponent to commit a backing violation. First I applied backcourt pressure on him and then after I make sure he crosses the center court dividing line before striking. I suffocated guarding him after he receives the ball in the backcourt and then banging him with my front in the middle line.

      Hilarious moments appear in ballgames. Such was what happens to a longtime friend of mine who looks like moron shooting in opponent's territory. I fairly contributed one in Taiwan when I half-wittedly collide my front on the opponent's butt (making the audience thinks I'm out of my self doing such a shameful act). Sometimes it just emerges in expected head to head ballgames. It shows that sometimes ballgame has its own fallacy shifting a game into a real comedy

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