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Filipino's NBA Dream
June 25th, 2015 by Pinoyhoops

      Filipino basketball fanatics for a long time are wondering, "why there is no Filipino basketball player to enter and play in NBA?" NBA teams are not willing to gamble into a player with limited or no international exposure. Filipino players are in disadvantage on any positions (point guard, forward and center) because of lack of height. NBA teams are hesitant to take players with short or no international playing experience and also our own basketball players are in stiff competition with taller international counterpart players.
A basketball player carrying NBA logo flag and Philippine flag     
            Teams in the NBA have a reservation acquiring players that has small playing stint internationally. Johnny Abarrientos during his prime years was rumored to be eying by some NBA agents but unsuccessful due to Abarrientos's lack of international credentials. Hamed Haddadi of Iran made it to the NBA because of his successive years playing and competing internationally, specifically in FIBA World Tournaments. Abarreintos even though has an exceptional point guard skill was unable to enter the NBA due to his inexperience playing globally while Haddadi, due to Iran's consistent years qualifying in FIBA World Cup earned a token to play in the NBA.

      Our Filipino professional players are having a hard time beating too much taller international players in any related NBA positions. Yao Ming of China with a towering height of 7 6' gives him immediate edge compared to our well-known centers which ranges from 6 5' to 7 2' in height. Pablo Prigioni of Argentina playing as point guard who recently is in Houston Rockets has a height of 6 3' while Filipino point guards ranges from 5 7' (the smallest I've known) to 6 1' (the tallest I've remembered). Yao Ming is like a "living human skyscraper" so that's why he was able to enter the NBA and also Prigioni's good height as point guard awarded him access to compete in the prestigious NBA League.

      Basketball lovers in Philippines are puzzled, why our first Filipino entering the NBA dream has not yet achieved? NBA teams are reluctant acquiring naive players in international competition. Filipino players trying to enter the biggest league in the world are underrated due to lack of height. Frequent playing and qualifying in FIBA World Cup I believe is our first huge step to reach that dream. Point guard and off guard positions are our best chances to enter the biggest league (I am not saying other positions are not).Keep on playing hard every time we are in the basketball court. Add a dose of faith to reach our dream place in the NBA.

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